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Our team of healthcare professionals provides structured interviews to guide individuals towards better health and a healthy weight, whether they are undergoing bariatric surgery, pharmaceutical treatment, or seeking improvement through lifestyle changes. We offer comprehensive support, examining your weight history, conducting weight measurements and segment analysis, and reviewing blood test results. Regardless of the path you choose we are committed to providing personalized guidance and steadfast support along your journey to health and well-being.

Common questions regarding the treatment of obesity

Undergoing surgery or starting pharmaceutical treatment for obesity is a significant decision and a major change for the individual. Here are some common questions frequently asked. 

We discuss with you, your well-being (mentally, physically, and socially) and review the results from blood tests. We talk about nutrition, vitamins, digestion and any other topics related to your health. We also examine weight changes, the ratio of body fat to muscle mass, and how that ratio has changed. We emphasize the importance of your consistent attendance at these interviews — we are here to support you both in times of success and when challenges arise.

After Bariatric surgery we recommend that you attend interviews after 6 weeks, 6 months, 1 year, and then annually.

When receiving treatment with pharmaceuticals we recommend meeting our healthcare professionals after 3 months, 10 -12 months and then twice per year. 

Feel free to schedule an appointment outside the regular timetable; your presence is always encouraged.

It's important to remember that obesity is a long-term condition, so it's necessary to attend regular interviews even several years after the surgery. We always welcome you, even if many years have passed since the surgery/pharmaceutical treatment. 

Yes, it is very important to always have a blood test before you come to the interview. After Bariatric surgery, changes in the absorption of nutrients can occur, both due to changes in eating habits and because the digestive system itself is altered from what it was before. It is important to have blood tests annually to monitor vitamin and mineral levels, even if you have always had normal blood tests.

When having pharmaceutical treatment for obesity we recommend monitoring your blood results at least twice during the first year. 

After Bariatric surgery, we recommend that you take vitamins for life. Even if blood tests come back well, it's not possible to measure all vitamins and minerals in a blood test. The diet is often limited, and the absorption of vitamins and minerals can be different than before the surgery. The vitamin status can gradually change, and it can be challenging to recover if the deficiency becomes significant. Remember to have regular blood tests.

If you are receiving a pharmaceutical treatment, the medicine primarily focuses on appetite control and glucose metabolism, it's essential to ensure that all nutritional needs are met. A healthcare provider can assess your specific health status, dietary intake, and potential risks of deficiencies to determine if vitamin supplementation is necessary in conjunction with Wegovy use.


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